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Friday Rockpile: Rockies look to the past with still-free agent Justin Speier

Rockies looking into Speier, Freel | News
In what looks like to be the only news related directly to the Rockies, Thomas Harding reports that the Rockies are interested in former Rockies reliever Justin Speier and utility man Ryan Freel.

Speier has spent the last three seasons with the Angels and hasn't come close to replicating his peak years of 2005-06. In the last two seasons his ERA has ballooned over 5.00, his WHIP went up into the 1.4 range, and his FIPs were 5.81 and 4.85. The Angels released Speier back in the middle of August.

As for Freel, he's versatile in that he can play second and third and all three outfield positions, but it'd be hard for him to overtake any of our current bench players with his lack of a bat. Though the real deal here is that we also get Farney, that imaginary voice in Freel's head that he talks with from time to time.

Freddy Sanchez undergoes shoulder surgery - Baseball Wires -
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The Giants' second baseman Freddy Sanchez underwent left shoulder surgery four weeks ago and may not be ready for Opening Day.

Twitter / Tim Brown: Rick Ankiel agrees to a on ...
The Royals signed Scott Boras client Rick Ankiel. Royals Review puts it best:

Umm, what?

No really, what?

Remember when the rumor was that the Royals were considering Rick Ankiel, Scotty Pods and Randy Winn. That was incorrect: they are considering all of them, to comprise in sum the 2010 outfield. When Dayton signed Brian Anderson, we assumed that that meant no Scotty Pods. When he signed Pods, we assumed no Ankiel/Winn/anyone else.

Obviously, our ability to understand Dayton was even lower than previously thought. [...]

Isn't it going to be fun to be a Royals fan and watch that outfield this season?