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Saturday Rockpile: Rockies on the verge of signing Giambi while discussing Uggla and free agent infielders

Source: Jason Giambi close to signing one-year deal with Colorado Rockies - ESPN's Andrew Marchand reports that the Giambino is about to re-sign with the Rox. Right-handed power bat? No, but it was still fun having a presence like that on the bench at the end of close games last season. That said, I don't believe he's worth a roster spot. The Rockies will likely have Brad Hawpe fill in for the Toddfather on his days off (as mentioned below), so there's just not much of a need for another left-handed hitter.

Jayson Stark: It's time for the Baseball Writers' Association of America to establish a new award for relief pitchers - ESPN
Toward the bottom of this article, Stark states that a source told him the Rockies and Marlins had active discussions regarding a deal to bring Dan Uggla to Denver. Who knows if those talks are still ongoing at this point, but Stark does mention that the Rox are still concentrating mainly on reeling in one guy from the free agent trio that includes Miguel Tejada, Orlando Cabrera, and Orlando Hudson. This, of course, depends on if they can be had for a relatively low price. The thought of having Uggla is very intriguing. He has a lot of pop, obviously, and gets on base at a far better clip than Clint Barmes despite having a similar batting average. However, he doesn't bring even close to the same level of defense to the table as Barmes does, so would it be out of line for me to say that their overall value is about equal? What are your thoughts?

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Less is more for Cook; Street contract details, Contreras gone | All Things Rockies
Renck chips in with some more good stuff in his blog post. According to Renck, Aaron Cook has shed 16 pounds (even while growing out his hair). Cook believes he is in better shape, and thinks being that way will make him less of an injury risk. In addition, there are blurbs about Todd Helton needing more rest during the regular season (which he would get with the fact that Brad Hawpe is slated to get some time at first, according to the article), Troy Tulowitzki running a clinic with Derek Jeter in New York, Eric Young Jr. leaving winter ball early due to an injury (which is not serious), and more.

Love for team and city closed the deal for Street - The Denver Post
Troy E. Renck spent some time with Huston Street, who just signed a 3-year, $22.5MM deal with the good guys. He explains what ultimately led him to do so:

"More than anything in the evalutation was my level of comfort and happiness here...I have a group of teammates I can truly say that I enjoy spending time with, and I get to live in Denver."

Good enough for me.

Inside the Colorado Rockies " Friedrich invited to first big-league spring training | Major League Baseball in Denver
According to Jack Etkin, Christian Friedrich is among six non-roster invites to Spring Training with the big league club. The others include Craig Baker, Andrew Johnston, Matt Reynolds, Darin Holcomb, and Jordan Pacheco. Would-be first timers that are also under consideration include Charlie Blackmon, Andrew Graham, and Keith Weiser. Congratulations to all the new invites, who I'm sure will be out to impress the Rockies' brass.

After rocky road, future looks bright for Colorado - MLB News - FOX Sports on MSN
Nice national piece from Tracy Ringolsby on the progression of the Colorado Rockies (tip o' the hat to Hollidayrain). Check out the comments section - it's pure gold, or bang-your-head-against-the-wall ignorance, depending on how you look at it.

Source: Jose Contreras signs 1-year deal with Philadelphia Phillies - ESPN
The Phils beat out the Cubs and Cardinals for the services of the 38-year-old fireballer. The Rockies were interested earlier in the offseason, but they were pretty far off money-wise and decided to pursuit other options.

Inside the Colorado Rockies " Reynolds pain free in minicamp | Major League Baseball in Denver
Etkin also checks in with an update on the almighty Greg Reynolds, who threw a 45-pitch pain free bullpen session. I'm sure Silverblood is pumped about this.