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Sunday Rockpile: Jason Giambi in the fold, is there room for one more?

As was rumored yesterday morning, Jason Giambi finalized his deal with the Rockies Saturday. Giambi does give Colorado an added boost in that Todd Helton can now rest with RHP's on the mound, but there still might be a team need for an even more versatile right handed bat or perhaps right leaning switch hitter to take the spot many of us currently had penciled in for Eric Young Jr.The team has some options here (literally in Young's case) so they can explore what bargains may still be available late in the winter or early Spring. Young's skillset makes for a pretty high floor, so the Rockies are in a pretty decent situation if they do decide to go that route, although I could understand EY2's frustration if he winds up in AAA again.

Huston Street's three year deal with the Rockies seems to reflect a further shift with how players view the team as they approach free agency, namely that the "commitment to winning" excuse that many players have used to avoid signing with the Rockies in the past no longer seems valid. It should be easier for the Rockies to sign those that are genuine about wanting to win and who really do like playing with the Rockies, like Street it seems. For those players that are a little less than genuine, watch for the agent rhetoric to be about the player wanting to play on a team willing to take it to the next level or to be dismissive of contracts signed pre-free agency, even if they extend (like Street's) into a player's free agency period.

Here's an interesting article at the AZ Snakepit as Jim talks with the Hardball Times' Chris Jaffe about the value and role of managers. It has some applications to the Rockies in the same general sense that it has application to the D-backs, obviously, as the two division rivals took divergent paths (well, actually it's more like Colorado found a helicopter with the keys ignition) last season after replacing their guy on the bench.

I've got to go to Chicago today, so I'll probably keep this short and in the auto-schedule queue. I'll be back later in the week with some lengthier treatises on the shape of the off season, I'm sure.