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Monday Rockpile: Rockies have depth to win NL West

Renck: Morales, Smith boost Rocks' depth - The Denver Post
Depth is why the Rockies will be a good pick to win the NL West. Renck uses Seth Smith and Franklin Morales as the main examples for this, and Smith believes the Rockies have the "deepest outfield in the league." But does the outfield have the correct configuration?

Big League Stew Blogbook: Colorado Rockies - Big League Stew - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Posted this in the comments of Saturday's Rockpile, but the proprietors of any other Colorado Rockies blogs should follow the link to the instructions for being included in Yahoo! Sports' Big League Stew Blogbook for the team.

Jamey Carroll, bagels and Colts | All Things Rockies
Mike Klis provides a humorous story about an incident he had yesterday morning.

Baseball America Prospects Blog " Desme Retires To Become Catholic Priest
Oakland Athletics outfielder Grant Desme has left baseball for the priesthood. All the best in this new endeavor to Desme.