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Wednesday Rockpile: Melvin Mora and Rockies approaching deal?

Alright, no treatises just yet. I'd been fighting off a a winter cold this weekend and it appears that yesterday, I lost.

Let's just do this bullet point style so I can go back to bed:

  • Carlos Gonzalez has a lot of doubters this winter, including from many of the projection systems that are out there. My own thought is that 2010 will be a big year for him, as is suggested in this Denver Post piece, but the Rockies are in an enviable position with depth that they don't need him to have a total breakout this season.
  • For the big news, Troy Renck in a blog post says Melvin Mora is the Rockies top right handed utility target. I'd have preferred the team went after Fernando Tatis, but Mora's not far behind. Also included are notes that seemed to imply the Rockies were dissed by Jose Contreras, who wanted a chance to start and that the team has the best offer for Derrick Turnbow
  • Another post had the final details of Rafael Betancourt's contract.
  • In the idle speculation department, Orlando Hudson has two known suitors, Tampa Bay and Washington, as well as one "mystery team" in the mix. The authors of this post believe that Minnesota may be the mystery team, but the Rockies have been connected to Hudson earlier this winter as long as his price dropped dramatically from his initial asking point. With the Mora news picking up steam and only one roster spot available, I'd guess that Hudson's off the Rockies radar right now, but who knows...
  • The Dodgers re-added Ronnie Belliard, continuing a lackluster theme to their offseason.