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Monday Rockpile: MLB Hall of Fame vote draws closer; SBN HoF vote unveiled later today

It's the first Monday of the new year and I'm sure we're all looking out the window, waiting for the new season to start.

The Baseball Analysts: Graphing the Hitters
If you like looking at graphs, the two in this piece will show you how far away Albert Pujols and to a lesser extent Joe Mauer were from everyone else this season. You can also look at how productive Todd Helton was this past season.

The Hardball Times: Wednesday’s Hall of Fame results today
While the official Hall of Fame announcement won't come until Wednesday, Chris Jaffe takes his best shot at predicting who will get in. He predicts Andre Dawson and Roberto Alomar will make it in this year, and Bert Blyleven will fall a few votes short of being inducted.

SBN Baseball will unveil its Hall of Fame voting results today at 2 pm ET. Majors: Book Guide: Best Books Of 2009
If your looking for some baseball stories to whet your appetite until pitchers and catchers report, check this list out. Scout's Diary: Fix The Schedule
An anonymous scout writing for Baseball America believes the leagues should be even at fifteen each with either Arizona or San Diego moving to the AL and Houston taking the vacant spot in the NL West so that a new schedule can be worked out.

Some Thoughts for the New Year | FanGraphs Baseball
David Appelman has some good advice:

Please take the time to understand the stat you’re using before you use it in an argument and before you criticize it. It’s best when the stats available on this site are used in thoughtful, open minded discussions that enhance your knowledge and most importantly your enjoyment of the game of baseball.

Baseball Prospectus | State of the Prospectus (Subscribers Only)
Kevin Goldstein discusses things to expect over the next year at BP. They'll unveil at least three new stats and welcome a number of new permanent writers.