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Saturday Rockpile: Giambi not the right guy, Rockies continue to execute their player development gameplan, more.

Krieger: Giambi likable but not right for '10 Rox - The Denver Post
Dave Krieger explains how Giambi doesn't really have place on the Rockies' 25-man roster for 2010. He also speculates that the Rockies could go after any one of Orlando Hudson, Miguel Tejada, Orlando Cabrera, and Melvin Mora - in addition to the two utility bench guys the club has already been linked to in Fernando Tatis and Robb Quinlan. I agree with Krieger here - I like the Giambino, but he doesn't really fill any of the club's needs at this point.

Patient plan pays dividends for Rockies | News
Thomas Harding checks in with a large piece about the Rockies' continued efforts to build from within. Colorado's three-step process requires solid execution in the draft and development areas, with which the club has seemed to do well recently, despite making a few mistakes (cough Greg sneeze Reynolds cough). The Rox set themselves up for their current run by locking up guys like Aaron Cook, Jeff Francis, Manuel Corpas, Troy Tulowitzki, Brad Hawpe, and now Chris Iannetta prior to the bulk of their arbitration years. The only one of those signings that can legitimately be argued against is that of Corpas, who has been sub par at best since being extended. Since it is now known, however, that he wasn't healthy for a large part of the past two seasons, it will be quite interesting to see how he bounces back. Either that, or he needs to start pouring cups of mysterious liquid onto his hands again (rolls eyes).

Andres Galarraga talks about the hall of fame voting, which saw him fall short of the 5% required to stay on the ballot.

The Rockies also made a couple of behind-the-scenes changes recently, as well as some minor league coach-shuffling:

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