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Friday Rockpile: 2010: The Year We Don't Make Contact

Take from the title what you will: the bats, the post-season, the humidor controversy... I just wanted to use this title before we were out of 2010, and it seemed rather apt now.

The Rockies have shut themselves down, and haven't seen any reason to turn it back on for the final series if yesterday's game is any indication. Even though these games don't matter, I'm sads to see us playing baseball like this. I'm sad for the ugly condition our pitching staff is in. Please, baseball gods, let them be healthy all year next season!

Now that we're all reminded how ugly the game of baseball can be, let's read some articles!

Jordan Bastian of reports that Don Baylor is on the shortlist for the Toronto managerial job and confirms an earlier report that the Rockies will allow Baylor to interview for the job.

Andrew Pentis, also of, previews tomorrow's game and the rest of the series. Of note is that Mike McKenry will receive his first start at catcher sometime during the series.

Troy Renck recaps last night's ugly game. Short, but to the point.

"It was a completely helpless feeling." - Jim Tracy

Beginning next week, I'll be doing a series of offseason analysis articles for my Rockpiles relating to different steps of the offseason process.