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Purple Row Awards: Rockies Defensive Player of the Year Troy Tulowitzki

Troy Tulowitzki took our Purple Row Defensive Player of the Year Award with five of seven first-place votes. We're all amazed at the throws he's able to make and the range he shows. Of course, some would tell us that he needs to plant his feet when he throws from time to time. He had an .833 RZR and made 51 out of zone plays (OOZ). He also posted a 6.8 UZR and a 7.8 UZR/150, which are his best since his 15.2/13.2 of 2007.

Carlos Gonzalez finished in second, but was also left off of two ballots completely. As you'll see in the full results below, CarGo found himself at the top of the ballot twice and in the middle twice. He received one third-place vote. Depending on how you feel about UZR, CarGo was a negative in the field for the most part, except when he played left field (3.6 UZR).

I chose Miguel Olivo third for actually throwing out would-be base stealers. Among qualified catchers, he had the second-best caught stealing percentage at .423 (behind only Yadier Molina's .485). However, Olivo only appeared on my ballot and Jeff's. Find out the full results after the jump.

The voting results:



Russ Jeff Fish A-Mart Bryan Silverblood WM
1 Tulowitzki Tulowitzki Tulowitzki Tulowitzki Tulowitzki Gonzalez Gonzalez
2 Gonzalez Olivo Fowler Fowler Gonzalez Tulowitzki Tulowitzki
3 Olivo Barmes Barmes Gonzalez Fowler Fowler Fowler


And here are the final points:


Player Points
Tulo 19
Gonzalez 11
Fowler 7
Olivo 3
Barmes 2