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Purple Row Awards: Rockies Rookie of the Year - Jhoulys Chacin

The unanimous winner of our Rockies Rookie of the Year award is none other than Jhoulys Jose (Molina) Chacin. The man affectionately known as The Machine completed arguably the best season of any rookie pitcher in the history of the Rockies franchise, including the guy who won the 2002 NL Rookie of the Year award, Jason Jennings. Here's how Jhoulys Chacin's peripherals stack up against that of Jennings, as well as how he stacked up against the man many considered to be the league's best rookie starter in 2010, Jaime Garcia:

Jennings Garcia
ERA 3.28 4.52 2.70
WHIP 1.27 1.46 1.32
K/9 9.04 6.17 7.27
BB/9 4 3.4 3.53
WAR 3 2.9 3.2
FIP 3.54 4.68 3.41

Chacin will likely reap huge benefits in the future if he is able to cut down on the walks a bit. It would inevitably hurt his strikeout rate a bit as well, but his stuff is good enough to offset a small dip in K's.

For what it's worth, I voted Eric Young Jr. ahead of Matt Reynolds because I think his value was greater despite only appearing in 51 games. His 17 stolen bases were good for second on the team, and he struck out once every six plate appearances, which is pretty darn good considering the team average was about once every five. Also, Silverblood admittedly voted Chris Nelson third solely because of his theft of home plate vs. Cincinnati.

The voting results:
Russ Jeff Fish A-Mart Bryan Silverblood WM
1 Chacin Chacin Chacin Chacin Chacin Chacin Chacin
2 Rogers Rogers Reynolds Rogers Rogers Reynolds Reynolds
3 Reynolds Reynolds Rogers Herrera Young Nelson Young


And here are the final points:

Player Points
Chacin 21
Rogers 9
Reynolds 8
Young 2
Herrera 1
Nelson 1