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Purple Row Awards: Rockies Reliever of the Year - Matt Belisle

Matt Belisle posted many career bests this year as a reliever. He put up a 2.93 ERA in 92 innings and appeared in 76 games (his career-high in innings pitched, however, is 177 2/3 in 2007 as a starter for the Reds). His 1.087 WHIP was second best on the team, behind only Rafael Betancourt (0.963), and his ERA+ of 158 came in behind only Ubaldo Jimenez's 161. He did well stranding runners on base at 73.8% and induced ground balls over 46% of the time. His 2.90 xFIP is right in line with his 2.93 ERA.

He received five of seven first-place votes. Something tells me he'll also appear on Pitcher of the Year ballots.

Six of seven ballots included the same three pitchers who made up the top three, while one lone ballot gave Joe Beimel a third-place vote. Full results after the jump.

The full results:


Russ Jeff Fish A-Mart Bryan Silverblood WM
1 Belisle Betancourt Belisle Belisle Belisle Betancourt Belisle
2 Betancourt Belisle Betancourt Betancourt Betancourt Belisle Betancourt
3 Street Street Street Street Street Street Beimel


The points tally:


Player Points
Belisle 19
Betancourt 16
Street 6
Beimel 1