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Friday Rockpile: Francis Olivo De La Rosa

Off-topic here.

Yes, that's a film title reference, though I'm not sure it will be easily noticeable since all it shares in common with the title is the syllabic structure, and that is why there are no commas in there, but too many in this sentence.

Troy Renck of the Denver Post writes about the current status on Jeff Francis' and Miguel Olivo's contract options. Francis is likely to be declines, as I've thought for some time, but they may bring him back at a smaller price should talks with Jorge De La Rosa fail to go the Rockies' way.

Renck also tweets that Lance Berkman would consider signing with the Rockies, but is looking for a full time position. Though Todd Helton will likely never be a full time player again in his career due to the condition of his back, he'll be a platoon player at least, meaning Berkman would have to join the Rockies' outfield when Helton was at 1B if he wanted full playing time, and that wouldn't be pretty. I don't see this happening, but it's nice to know the sentiment is there.

Speaking of Todd Helton,'s Thomas Harding has put up an article about Helton, who is looking to bounce back next season.

"I've got at least 12 or 13 more years of baseball." - Todd Helton

You old kidder. Aw, now I'm sad.

Ubaldo Jimenez, Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki's personal accomplishments in the 2010 season have deposited their names on the "This Year in Baseball Awards" ballot, according to Harding. Dexter Fowler and Chris Nelson also appear on the ballot for more unusual reasons.

Jeff Zimmerman of Fangraphs takes a glance at which teams were hit hardest by DL stints, and in what capacity. The Rockies were second in the NL in terms of total days players spent on the DL, and fifth overall. There's some intriguing analysis about which positions across MLB were the most vulnerable to injury during 2010.

Discuss things. Remember, the ALCS starts tonight at 6:00 PM MT. Go Rangers!