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Saturday Rockpile: Why the Rockies need to go after Greinke, Tracy and co. to try pitching machine on the road

Apparently there IS an Off-Topic today.

Zack Greinke's future with the Royals, Yankees-Rangers and more - ESPN (Insider required)
According to Buster Olney, the Royals will be listening to "any and all offers" for Zack Greinke. I cannot put into words how well he would fit in with the Rockies; over the past three seasons in KC, Grienke has maintained a K/BB ratio of just under 4, allowed under 1 HR/9, will be just 27 at the start of '11, and is coming off the best GO/AO ratio of his career (1.25). Colorado would also suit Greinke well, as he has apparently become disenchanted with not playing for a contender (which the Rockies will be in 2011). In addition to all that, Greinke would be reunited with his 2009 signal caller Miguel Olivo, should he and the Rockies decide to agree to terms on a deal for next year.

Greinke will make $27MM over the next two seasons, which is a bargain of sorts if he performs anywhere close to his 2009 level. That price could make the mid-market Rockies shy away, but this is the kind of deal you have to make; if O'Dowd and company can do it without mortgaging too much of their future (i.e. don't trade Tyler Matzek or Wilin Rosario - everyone else is fair game), they need to pull the trigger.

Renck: Rockies need more than pixie dust - The Denver Post
It's interesting that Jim Tracy revealed to Troy Renck that the Rockies may start lugging around a pitching machine on the road to better simulate live pitching during BP. I know I mentioned this in a game thread or Rockpile a few weeks ago, so I know I'm certainly behind the idea. It definitely can't hurt, right?

Also, Renck mentions Dan O'Dowd doesn't have unrealistic expectations for the newly-hired Carney Lansford, and Yankees star Derek Jeter had some nice things to say about the man who idolizes him (Troy Tulowitzki):

"He had another great season, huh? I like his game."