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Saturday Rockpile: Rockies interested in an impact bat?

Rockies' Tulowitzki covers the bases about season, future - The Denver Post

I'm quite certain that nobody can accuse Troy Tulowitzki of not being passionate about winning, nor the game as a whole. While that's probably not the case with anybody else on the Rockies, either (although some will debate that), they do find themselves in need of some help for Tulo and his left-handed mashing mate Carlos Gonzalez. Tulo agrees:

"My first reaction is that I would just like someone in here to step up and be that bat...the way this organization is run, in-house would be the first choice. We need somebody to step up and really be that threat. If that doesn't happen, then we will be forced to go out and get someone."

Troy Renck says that the impact bat the Rockies may have on their radar is none other than Victor Martinez of the Red Sox, with Oakland's Conor Jackson as a fall-back plan. Jackson certainly isn't the answer to the Rockies woes, but Martinez very well may be. Unfortunately, he'll almost certainly end up being out of the Rockies' budget, so scrap heap shopping may be in the works yet again. Assuming that's the case, should the Rockies search for possible trade options? Should they turn their focus on a potential impact pitcher instead? Or, do you feel comfortable with them raiding the scrap heap, as they've done for years, in search of a guy that can supplement the young roster well? Vote in the poll.

Olivo escapes with only a mild concussion | All Things Rockies
At least that's a little bit of good news out of St. Louis. As Armstrong mentions, Olivo will likely need to sit out the season's final two games, and I'm sure that tears Jim Tracy to pieces.

Looking back at the nuttiness from the 2010 season - ESPN
Jayson Stark revisits, amongst many other things, a couple of the Rockies' zany home games from earlier this season. If you're feeling down about your guys in purple (which you almost surely are), this should be a bit of a therapeutic read.

Honoring 2010's most valuable and least valuable players, Cy Youngs and Yuks, rookies and managers - ESPN
Stark also unveils his award winners for the '10 season. No Rockie wins an award, but plenty fall into the "Apologies to" category. The Purple Row staff will be rolling out our version of the 2010 award winners - both for the Rockies and baseball as a whole - over the next month, so definitely stay tuned for that.