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2010/2011 Offseason Schedule and Handbook Part One: Free Agency

Below is the first of five articles I will be writing early in the offseason concisely laying out exactly what is going to be happening in the organization during the offseason, and when. This first section will detail with organizational free agents.


1-5 Days After World Series: Free Agents Declared


This used to take place over fifteen days immediately after the World Series ends, but the Players' Union changed it to five days in negotiations last month, along with several changes to other dates noted in later sections.

Colorado Rockies eligible to declare Major League Free Agency:
- LHP Joe Beimel
- LHP Jorge De La Rosa (Projected Type A)
- IF Jason Giambi
- IF Melvin Mora
- OF Jay Payton

These five players will be able to declare free agency automatically any time during the filing period, and will be able to sign with any other team after filing. De La Rosa currently projects to leave the season as a Type A Free Agent.

All major and minor league free agents are able to negotiate with the Rockies and sign contracts with us before filing if they so choose. They cannot sign with other organizations until after they declare.

Colorado Rockies eligible to declare Major League Free Agency pending decision on a contract option:
- RHP Octavio Dotel ($4.5 million w/ $250 thousand buyout, Club) (Projected Type B)
- LHP Jeff Francis ($7 million, Club)
- C Miguel Olivo ($2.5 million w/ $500 thousand buyout, Mutual) (Projected Type B)

Dotel and Francis' options are club options, meaning it is entirely up to the Rockies whether they activate the option year. If the Rockies decline Dotel's, they must pay him $250,000. Olivo's club option became mutual based upon games played, meaning that both the Rockies and Olivo himself must consent before the option is activated. If the Rockies turn down Olivo's option but Olivo himself does not, the Rockies owe Olivo $500,000. Olivo projects as a Type B Free Agent.

A and B Free Agents:

Jorge De La Rosa, Octavio Dotel and Miguel Olivo, assuming they retain this status when the final Elias rankings are completed after the season, will yield the team 2011 First Year Player Draft picks should they decline a  potential arbitration offer from the club (or they are signed elsewhere before the arbitration offer deadline). The team must offer arbitration by November 23rd, and the player must decide whether to accept by November 30th. Both of these dates have changed since the union negotiations last month.

Colorado Rockies eligible to declare Minor League Free Agency:

- RHP Al Alburquerque
- RHP Luis Ayala
- OF Scott Beerer
- LHP Nick Bierbrodt
- LHP Kurt Birkins
- IF Brad Eldred
- OF Ryan Harvey
- OF Cole Garner
- LHP Jimmy Gobble
- RHP Ching Lung Lo
- IF Kazuo Matsui
- IF Daniel Mayora
- IF Travis Metcalf
- OF Matt Miller
- LHP Josh Muecke
- C Paul Phillips (Updated 10/13 after outright off roster)
- RHP Stuart Pomeranz
- IF Omar Quintanilla
- LHP Scott Rice
- RHP Juan Rincon
- OF Bronson Sardinha
- LHP Greg Smith
- IF Eider Torres
- IF Jason Van Kooten
- RHP Matt Wilhite

These minor leaguers will all be allowed to declare minor league free agency because they were signed to 1 year deals, have played the final year of their 7 year signing deals, or were outrighted off the 40 Man Roster during the 2010 season.

Colorado Rockies who may or may not be eligible to declare Minor League Free Agency:
- RHP Chris Malone
- OF Michael Marbry

Malone and Marbry are unusual cases. Neither of these players were drafted or signed by the Rockies originally, and were signed after their former teams (Dodgers for Malone, Braves for Marbry) released them. However, neither has declared minor league free agency since being signed by the Rockies, implying that they were not signed to 1 year deals as minor league free agents usually are. I do not have the information on how many years each of these two guys are signed too, as it is not either the 7 year standard or 1 year standard. Either of them may or may not be able to declare this year.

Coming up:
Part Two: Offseason Meetings and Procedure
Part Three: The Reserves Deadline and Rule 5 Draft
Part Four: 2011 40 Man Roster Layout and Arbitration
Part Five: Organizational Depth and Roster Flexibility

If there is any further information you would like to clarify or expand upon part of this article, let me know in the comments or by e-mail. Thanks.