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Friday Rockpile: Notes on an Early Offseason

Is there room for #97 in an already crowded 2011 bullpen?
Is there room for #97 in an already crowded 2011 bullpen?

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Notes from Troy Renck at the Denver Post:

  • Troy Tulowitzki has had some checkups on his wrist, and everything looks good for him to continue into 2011 without additional medical procedures.
  • Joe Beimel wants to return to the Rockies bullpen next year. As I have discussed many times, the bullpen is full, but Franklin Morales is expendable, and Matt Reynolds can be optioned in a true roster pinch. Renck mentions Rex Brothers' quick ascent as another strike against Beimel, though I'm pretty sure we can all agree that Brothers will not be making the team out of the gate next year. Beimel could very easily contribute to the bullpen next year in place of Morales.
  • Don Baylor is under consideration as the Diamondbacks' hitting coach next year.

Thomas Harding of informs us that Peter Tago (along with Juan Nicasio, Hector Gomez, Wilin Rosario, Will Swanner and several others) will be playing in the Rockies' Dominican instructional sessions, which continue through November 26th. I think the most important news here is that Rosario is already beginning rehab after his knee surgery, a sign that he may be on track to be back on track to be playing regular baseball in the upper level minors than previously thought, though the extend of Rosario's current physical abilities are not elaborated upon.

Steve Foster of Inside the Rockies has an update on the Arizona Fall League, where Greg Reynolds has turned in two good starts and Jordan Pacheco has seen work at first base.