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Wednesday Rockpile: It's World Series Time

I hear he's pretty good or something.
I hear he's pretty good or something.

Today marks the beginning of the 2010 MLB World Series, with TIm Lincecum and the San Francisco Giants hosting Cliff Lee and the Texas Rangers. Neither franchise has won a World Championship in the city they currently reside in, and Texas has never won a Fall Classic. Here's hoping we don't have another repeat of the 2007 World Series, in which the World Series newcomer was overwhelmed and swept. As a charter member of the Church of Cliff Lee, I don't think that's happening.

For what it's worth, I don't see the Rangers losing a Cliff Lee start in this series, even against Lincecum (who threw a 14 K, 2 H shutout in the NLDS). He's been inhuman so far this postseason (3-0 with 34 Ks and only 1 BB in 24 IP) and I don't see San Francisco making too much of a dent in that armor. Beyond Lee, Texas' combination of CJ Wilson and Colby Lewis are no slouches either and will be decent matchups for San Francisco's Matt Cain and Jonathan Sanchez. My point is that Texas will manage to steal at least one non-Lee game and the Giants' luck will run out.

Texas in 6

Here's a rooting angle for either team: San Francisco has former Rockies Juan Uribe, Jeremy Affeldt, and Javier Lopez and represents the NL West. Texas has former Rockies manager Clint Hurdle as their hitting coach, does not have Brian Wilson, and have not accused the Rockies of cheating this year.

Rockies News

Deceased Rockies president and ex-CSU star Keli McGregor was inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame, as was former Rockie Larry Walker and four others. It's a great honor for two men who made a profound impact on the Colorado sports scene.

In case you missed it, the Diamondbacks officially added another former Rockies figure to their coaching staff, getting 2010 Rockies hitting coach Don Baylor as their new hitting coach. This after Arizona announced ex-Rockies great Eric Young as their new first base coach last week. While I don't believe that hitting coaches have much of an impact on a MLB club, here's hoping that Baylor isn't able to reach the Diamondbacks' young hitters. Nothing against you Don, it's just my duty as a Rockies fan.

After the jump, I present some useless but fun data in table form.

Off Topic Here

Purple Row Game Wrap Standings

Since I'm a nerd and I love random statistics, during the 2010 season I kept track of the Rockies' record based upon the person writing the game wrap. I've broken the standings into home, road, and overall.

Home Games

Writer W L +/- Win%
ATF 9 3 21 0.750
Russ 18 8 25 0.692
RG 12 8 35 0.600
Jeff 6 4 8 0.600
Bryan 6 5 9 0.545
AM 1 1 2 0.500
WM 0 0 0 0.000
52 29 100

At home, the Rockies as a whole were great, but they took it to another level when they knew that Andrew Fisher or Russ Oates would be writing the game wrap. Rox Girl's record should be much better given her impressive run differential at home.

Away Games

Writer W L +/- Win%
AM 1 0 4 1.000
ATF 7 7 1 0.500
Jeff 6 6 11 0.500
Bryan 5 8 (10) 0.385
RG 7 15 (18) 0.318
Russ 5 13 (33) 0.278
WM 0 1 (2) 0.000
31 50 (47)

As good as the Rockies were at home in 2010, they were almost equally bad on the road. When we needed them most, our two leaders collapsed on the road, going a combined 12-28 with a -51 run differential on the road. Fisher and I managed to lead the team to victory 50% of the time.


Writer W L +/- Win%
AM 2 1 6 0.667
ATF 16 10 22 0.615
Jeff 12 10 19 0.545
Russ 23 21 (8) 0.523
Bryan 11 13 (1) 0.458
RG 19 23 17 0.452
WM 0 1 (2) 0.000
83 79 53

Only one logical conclusion can be drawn from this chart because, uh, statistics: more game wraps need to be written by the Andrews. That's just science.

The Rockies'  record and run differential by month:

Month W L +/-
Mar/Apr 11 12 26
May 16 12 16
June 14 13 (10)
July 13 13 11
August 15 12 (4)
Sept/Oct 14 17 14
Total 83 79 53

Look later today for my audit of the Rockies' second basemen in 2010.