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Carlos Gonzalez wins the NL Outstanding Player Award


As voted on by his peers, Carlos Gonzalez has been voted the most outstanding player in the National League over such contemporaries as Troy Tulowitzki, Albert Pujols, Joey Votto, and other excellent players in the NL.

Over the course of the season, Gonzalez batted .336/.376/.598, with 34 homers, 117 RBI, the NL batting crown, and a serious threat to the Triple Crown during August and September.

Gonzalez could also be up for the Players' Choice award, along with World Series attendee Josh Hamilton and potential MVP winner Joey Votto.

Gonzalez led the NL in Hits (197), 3rd in runs scored (111), 4th in HR (34), tied for 6th in 3B (9), 2nd in RBI (117), tied for 10th in SB (26), 3rd in wOBA (.416), 3rd in wRAA (48.4), 9th in WAR (6.0).

An overall exciting breakout year for Carlos Gonzalez, and definitely a player to keep everyone's eyes on Colorado in the next few seasons.