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Thursday Rockpile: Life in the lower middle class

The most consistent pitcher Nolan Ryan has ever seen had a hiccup last night as the Giants accomplished another goal that the Rockies never have, win a World Series game. With game one in the books, we're inching closer to the real start to the off season, which looks like it might be a bit more interesting than usual for the Rockies. Without quite enough money to compete for full priced free agents, the team seems likely to explore trades for players that are in the last semi-expensive seasons of team control from those clubs with even less rosy finances. I keep on hoping that some day we catch up to the FA market, but it doesn't seem likely this year.

The Rockies plan of opening their own facility in the Dominican Republic after spending several years training prospects in a shared campus seems closer to reality as Troy Renck notes (along with the previously reported news of Carlos Gonzalez's accolades from the MPBPA).. The Rockies are already pretty well known throughout Latin America because we've been blessed to be the primary franchises with some of the best players from D.R., Venezuela and Mexico over the franchise's history. In 2010, with the success of Ubaldo Jimenez and Gonzalez, that branding benefit has probably taken off again, having a dedicated facility will take that brand a step forward.