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Game 162: Esmil Rogers vs. Jeff Suppan

Reasons to watch today's game:

  • If you're a gambler who bet on the Rockies' 83.5 O/U line before the season began, you'll be glued to the action. When Colorado was 82-66 two weeks ago you didn't think this would be happening...and yet here we are, with the failure or success of your bet riding on an Esmil Rogers-Jeff Suppan matchup. Lesson to children -- gambling makes everything interesting!
  • If you want one last glimpse of the Colorado Rockies (or the Cardinals, I guess) before they go into hibernation for about 5 months. Given the way the team has played over the last two weeks, I'm not sure why this would be the case. Some of us are masochists, I guess.
  • You are being held prisoner by a nefarious villain who has strapped you into a chair, taped your eyelids open a la Clockwork Orange, and turned the television to the game. Some people are sadists, I guess.
  • You love watching the game of baseball, even when it's being played by two teams that are obviously playing out the string with nothing to gain except gate receipts and the fortunes of countless degenerates (see bullet one). Some people are sentimental, I guess.
  • You like strange lineup construction. Look after the jump for what Jim Tracy

If you fall into one of those groups, please feel free to watch and contribute to the discussion in this thread. If not, feel free to watch the Broncos game (or other NFL) and contribute to the discussion in this thread.

Lineups after the jump


Colorado Rockies @ St. Louis Cardinals

10/03/10 12:15 PM MDT

Colorado Rockies St. Louis Cardinals
Dexter Fowler - CF Skip Schumaker - 2B
Clint Barmes - SS Randy Winn - RF
Michael McKenry - C Albert Pujols - 1B
Ian Stewart - 3B Matt Holliday - LF
Chris Iannetta - 1B Colby Rasmus - CF
Seth Smith - RF Daniel Descalso - 3B
Jay Payton - LF Matt Pagnozzi - C
Chris Nelson - 2B Brendan Ryan - SS
Esmil Rogers - P Jeff Suppan - P

Michael McKenry, three-hole hitter. Chris Iannetta, first-baseman. This lineup is awesome. We're going to win eleventy to zero.