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Tuesday Rockpile: Miguel Olivo Will Be Back in 2011

Two days ago, Dan O'Dowd suggested the Rockies would like to make a play at Victor Martinez, the kind of talent that would likely force Colorado to jettison either Chris Iannetta or Miguel Olivo. Iannetta would need to be traded, as he has two years left on a 3-year contract he signed last offseason. Olivo could simply be let go, as his one-year contract has been played out, with an option year left dangling for 2011.

Rockies will exercise $2.5 million option on contract of C Miguel Olivo. - Tracy Ringolsby

There goes that option. Or here comes that option. Or something....

Olivo was arguably the Rockies best offensive weapon in the first half, posting OPS and wOBA numbers that surpassed every player at his position in MLB. His defense was much greater than advertised, and Dan O'Dowd looked to have gotten a steal.

Miguel Olivo

#21 / Catcher / Colorado Rockies





Jul 15, 1978

2010 - Miguel Olivo 112 394 55 106 17 6 14 58 27 117 7 4 .269 .315 .449

While Olivo's defense mostly held through his second half slump (he ranks 1st on the team in Fangraphs defensive WAR, 3rd behind Tulowitzki and Barmes at B-Ref), his offense completely fell off a cliff. He took one unintentional walk after July, and his effectiveness dropped him in the OPS/wOBA range to below league average and below his 2009 campaign.

Still, the Rockies have decided to retain him, which isn't an altogether bad idea, given the remote probability of convincing V-Mart to come to Colorado. Olivo did have an overall career year, though it certainly can't help their bargaining position with Martinez, as it would likely force an Iannetta trade should that signing come to fruition.

Reading between the lines, it also suggesting the brass might not yet trust Michael McKenry to be a MLB back-up, as letting Olivo walk would be less of a risk if Señor Quadzilla Sombrero had more buzz in the FO.

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