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I let the invisible hand control this site for far too long. It is time to bring order to chaos. However, there's no reason we still can't have fun around here outside of discussing the Rockies. So here's how this goes: I'm going to follow the structure set up by another SB Nation community and borrow liberally from his own explanation:

  1. Responses to a post, be it main page or Fanpost, must address the topic of that post. While tangents certainly spring from responses to responses, thread hijacking and non sequitur comments are not allowed. Everyone who posts needs to feel like their words were heard and responded to. That requires the conversation to stay focused.
  2. I will create a daily off-topic thread that will be used to discuss anything that is not baseball related. Think of it as your kitchen junk drawer, containing all the odds and ends utensils that didn't fit elsewhere. Anything goes in the off-topic as long as it conforms to the Rules and Regulations. Talk football, movies, internet humor, the day's news, physical ailments, birthdays, dating mishaps, or whatever.
  3. The off-topic is there to serve the site, not the site to serve the off-topic. If you want to discuss baseball it must be in a front page post of a FanPost (and please read the section on FanPosts in the Rules and Regulations). And conversations in the off-topic should not leak into any front page posts
  4. This off-topic thread will not appear on the front page. It will be linked to in the day's Rockpile. However, I will create one each night to auto-post early in the morning. You will then be able to find it in the archives.

I'm not trying to limit the fun around here; I'm attempting to give it structure. My site, my rules.

UPDATE: Comments have been closed.