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Thursday Rockpile: Rockies being called quitters by the press, Doc no-hits Reds

Off-Topic Discussion

Roy Halladay waited a long time to finally see playoff baseball, he didn't seem that nervous yesterday, however.


Matt Murton broke Ichiro Suzuki's single season hit record while playing in Japan. The Rockies are in the market for a right handed corner bat that has good contact skills and doesn't strike out a lot...

The Rockies as a team will have to live with various labels until they prove otherwise, for example in a chat yesterday, Cardinals reporter Joe Strauss calls them quitters and tankers in comparing them to the Cards:

We can debate later whether or not they underachieved, but I would humbly disagree that this group mailed in it's finish to the season. (For those curious about a quitting performance, see the Colorado Rockies' late September tank job.)

Others, as we are all aware, have called them cheaters with the humidor and that nobody has ever called them world or even division champions. There will be a lot of pride at stake for a disappointing team to rebound in 2011.  

Don Baylor ranks right in the middle of the pack (19th of 38) of fame in potential managerial candidates according to Jon Heyman. According to Heyman, the nine seasons of managing by Baylor for the Rockies and Cubs has him just slightly less obscure than Blue Jays third base coach Brian Butterfield. Both Baylor and Butterfield seem to be on the short list of potential replacements for Cito Gaston in Toronto and Baylor interviewed there this past Friday.

Russ Oates makes a list of the top five Rockies performances  from 2010.

Rockies minor leaguers Bruce Billings, Jordan Pacheco and Brad Eldred all contributed to Team USA's victory over Panama.