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Wednesday Rockpile: Rockies Mining the Free Agent Market for Pitchers, Catchers

Well, I was going to fully break down what I see as a potential Jorge De La Rosa free agent deal with the Trade Value Calculator this morning, but my computer has been dealing with a virus of late and is running at the speed of an unmotivated Garrett Atkins and is freezing every five minutes. As a result, I'll just get the links to you now and maybe get the analysis up later in a separate article. I know, you're all very disappointed at this news.

The article that directed my attention to a De La Rosa contract was Thomas Harding's piece on the advantages Colorado has to offer JDLR. Two important notes that I will, computer willing, touch on more later: the Rockies are likely to be competitive on a per year basis, but not so much on a length basis, and Aaron Cook is being brought up as a comparable player in terms of contract negotiations. As I wrote last week, Colorado has over $20 million in payroll flexibility this offseason, so they certainly can afford De La Rosa's services. The question is whether the expenditure is in Colorado's best interest over the period of the contract.

Iannetta could get shot, but Rockies' catching a fluid situation - The Denver Post

Renck writes about potential options for catcher this offseason, adding Ramon Hernandez to the other names that have been discussed. I wouldn't mind it if Hernandez was brought in here, and though he's behind Martinez and Napoli on my want scale, his free agency and lower demands makes him almost as attractive as those two potential trade pieces. I'd do more research, but I think that opening up the extra tabs to do so might make my computer explode. In addition, he mentions that the Rockies are interested in Javier Vazquez -- HUGE bounceback potential there.

Rockies' Street dealt with rib injury late in season - The Denver Post

Renck reports that in addition to his elbow and groin injuries last year, Street was also suffering from a rib injury late in the campaign. Hopefully he'll be fully healthy for 2011. Renck also notes that Colorado would be leery in going after Type A free agents (meaning V-Mart is becoming less likely by the day).

Pacheco catching on in Arizona Fall League | News

Finally, Harding reports on the progress of PuRP #14 Jordan Pacheco in the AFL. Pacheco has hit well all season long and has really improved his standing among Rockies prospects. The fact that he's developing as a catcher is a bonus. Colorado's farm really is stacked on catching depth (Rosario, Pacheco, Swanner, and McKenry are all PuRPs) so it will be interesting to see where Pacheco ends up should he make it to the MLB level.