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Sunday Rockpile: Carlos Gonzalez likes the sunny beaches. Cold mountains? Not so much.

Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Carlos Gonzalez is enjoying the sun and beaches of Venezuela with his family in his downtime, (link in Spanish, but if you don't read the language, use Google or Babelfish to translate and get the gist) and in part because of the more temperate weather, he talks about how much he loves playing in San Diego and Miami versus how much of an adjustment it's been to play in Denver. As a somewhat paranoid Rockies fan, I'm going to read too much into this in terms of what it would take to keep him on board beyond his team control seasons, or at least another reason to think that it's unlikely. The good news is that the moment of reckoning with him is still a few seasons away.

Fourth round draft selection Russell Wilson played what Rockies fans hope will be his last home football game for NC State yesterday and exited to a standing ovation after leading the Wolfpack to a dismantling of Wake Forest:

"It was just exciting," said Wilson, who played pro baseball last season in the Colorado Rockies organization. "I don't know if I'm coming back yet, but it was a special moment."

Wilson's football season will certainly extend into late December or early January with the Wolfpack (7-3) already pretty much assured of a bowl bid. Meanwhile, it's not so certain that first round pick Kyle Parker's Clemson team (5-5) will last past the regular season after they lost to Florida St. yesterday. Giants catcher and FSU alum Buster Posey was in attendance, and Travis Sawchik noted that he and Parker could be NL West rivals in a few years.

Former Rockie Brad Hawpe could be a bargain fallback outfielder for the Red Sox if they fail to land Carl Crawford or Magglio Ordonez, according to NESN's Tony Scott.