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Colorado Rockies interested in Yorvit Torrealba, Alex Gordon, Kevin Kouzmanoff, more

From what we've seen on the news wire, the Rockies are:

1. Meeting with Yorvit Torrealba's Agent

2. Interested in Kevin Kouzmanoff

3. Also interested in Jorge Cantu, Ty Wigginton, and Jose Lopez

4. Also also interested in Alex Gordon

5. Are quietly exploring trades and FAs.


What this tells us, as Rockies fans, is that the Rockies:

1. Aren't comfortable with their post-Miguel Olivo catching situation.

2. Appreciate the need for a strong defensive backup, and really want to have Frazier and Goodman say "You know, Kevin Kouzmanoff went to Evergreen High School, and now he's playing for his hometown Rockies" about 700 times this season.

3. Recognize some of their needs and are pursuing a lot of seriously borderline players to fill those needs.

4. Are either A. not happy with Ian Stewart or B. Not happy with the 3rd outfielder situation.

5. Are craftier than reports would indicate.

Let's look at these 1 by 1.

1. This one is kind of a no brainer - what we've learned from it anyway - as Chris Iannetta has been in a tailspin since 2008 and Michael McKenry is the kind of guy who doesn't really project to be a MLB bat, or they're just not comfortable with him as one of 2 potential catchers. The Torrealba talks aren't necessarily contract offers, just feeling each other out, from what those 160 characters would suggest.

2. Kouzmanoff hits lefties pretty well and plays a decent 3B. I don't hate the idea of him as a platoon partner for Stewart.

3.       This is seriously a grab bag of awful that's a couple of years removed from decent.

      a.       Lopez hit 25 homers in '09 and has the potential to reclaim his "above average bat" status in Coors. He never ever walks though, but he strikes out pretty rarely as well. Lopez' .609 OPS in 2010 isn't helping his situation. Rough glove at 2B, but responded very well to a 3B move.

      b.      Wigginton is like 3 years removed from a pretty studly (.876 OPS with Houston) but also collapsed so thoroughly from his hot 2010 start that he finished the season at a .727 OPS. He also can't field.

      c.       Jorge Cantu is apparently "clutch" or something, and like the others on our list, is removed from a couple of decent years. In 2008 and 2009, Cantu graded out at a 111 and 109 wRC+ in consecutive years, showing some solid pop to his bat and hit for decent average. Well, the pop is gone, or at least hiding, but Bill James seems to think that Cantu can have a passable rebound at the plate. Cantu also is a terrible fielder.

4.       Alex Gordon is another lefthander, but at the very least he's young and cost-controlled. I believe he has 3 more years of arbitration left in him. Gordon just got done with a remedial "change my position" assignment in AAA Omaha, and as such has actually responded well to fielding in LF. RF, not so much. This means that Seth Smith or Ryan Spilborghs are riding the pine and the other likely traded. Of course, this is assuming that "interest" means "sign that contract!" It's an interesting move to make, because Dayton Moore likely won't just give Gordon away, but Gordon does still have some upside to his game.

5.       We saw yesterday that the Rockies apparently weren't involved in Uggla talks. Feel about that how you will, but are the "quietly pursuing trades and FAs" indications related to Gordon, or Shields, or Upton, or what? (Man Justin Upton would be a sick acquisition)

Last thought: If the Rockies somehow land someone big and awesome like Justin Upton, I'll forgive poor signings like Ty Wigginton or whatever. I just want one awesome thing this offseason to hang my hat on.