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Joey Votto wins the NL MVP; Carlos Gonzalez takes 3rd place, Troy Tulowitzki 5th.

With 31 of 32 1st place votes, Joey Votto has won the National League Most Valuable Player award for the 2010 season.

Votto, 26, led the national league in OBP, SLG, OPS, OPS+, wOBA, WAR, wRC+, WPA, was 2nd in AVG, ISO, 3rd in HR, and he stole 16 bases if all the prior accolades weren't enough.

It's hard to know what else to write about Votto. He is clearly the cornerstone of the Cincinnati Reds franchise, and 2010 has been a memorable season for him. Not only was Votto selected to his first All-Star game, but he also led the Reds to their first division title since 1995. The MVP is a fine piece of hardware to cap off a very deserving season.

But Votto isn't the only story today. Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki both were mentioned in the voting today, Gonzalez finishing behind Albert Pujols, good for the 3rd place vote. Adrian Gonzalez took 4th place, and Troy Tulowitzki finished in 5th.

This is a meaningful and eye-opening season for Colorado, as Gonzalez and Tulowitzki both won the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger at their respective positions, both finished top-5 in the MVP voting, and let's not forget Ubaldo Jimenez' 3rd place finish in the Cy Young Award voting.

The eye opening part is the fact that past those top 3, it gets a bit thin heading down the line. While the Rockies are in an enviable place, having 3 top-notch players to lead the team, it definitely speaks to a need for the rest of the team to get their noses to the grindstone, and for GM Dan O'Dowd to see what bargain buy he can scare up over the next 3 months.

Congratulations to Joey Votto for his achievement!