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Sunday Rockpile: Thinking of platoon partners for Seth Smith; plus Parker makes it through football season without loss of appendages

Troy Renck adds a name, Matt Diaz, as a speculative platoon partner for Seth Smith. Diaz is going to be 33 at the start of the 2011 season, but he's put up a solid .335/.373/.533 line against left handed pitching. He'd be a pretty ideal choice, actually, as the two would combine for All-Star level production.

Renck also still feels that the Rockies fallback --if their pursuit for starting pitching doesn't turn up anything-- would be to give Felipe Paulino and Esmil Rogers a shot at winning a spot on the rotation. That situation is obviously nowhere close to ideal, but less dire than a lot of fans seem to be predicting it would be. The season is long and unpredictable, and the Rockies may find themselves in a better position to pick up a starter at next July's trade deadline than they are right now. As it stands though, the best situation would still be to re-sign Jorge De La Rosa, followed closely by trading for Gavin Floyd.

I haven't really seen it mentioned specifically in reports, but there seems to be a sentiment that the Rockies insurance for Kyle Parker's signing bonus, the one that stipulates that a good chunk of it gets returned if he isn't able to return to baseball due to injury, may have sunk Clemson's football season.  Okay, maybe there isn't that sentiment yet because I'm guessing most Clemson fans aren't aware of the said contract stipulation, but there is a sentiment that Parker "had played tentatively after getting hurt in the third game of the season at Auburn". A reason to play tentatively, of course would be the potential loss of a seven figure baseball signing bonus that you've already banked away. Whatever the reason, Rockies fans can breathe a sigh of relief now as their #1 pick from 2010 made it through Clemson's season otherwise unscathed.