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2010 Starting Pitcher Free Agents

This isn't anything overly in depth or serious, but I figured I'd list the available starting pitchers (as classified by MLBTradeRumors) and give a very brief rundown on how I see their impact.

There's a lot of discussion regarding who the Rockies should pursue if Jorge De La Rosa isn't re-signed by Colorado. So basically, I'm just running down a giant list of potential pitchers. Pick a couple you like, make a case for them. Disagree with my assessment? Let's hear about it.

Full list past the jump.

Brian Bannister (30) - Castoff from Kansas City, possibly a RHP Jeff Francis, could be a good Apodaca fixer-upper.
Erik Bedard (32) - Ace ceiling, absurd injury risk. Could be worth a look, but not for guaranteed money.
Jeremy Bonderman (28) - Injury struggles the past 2 seasons, decent peripherals, poor HR control. Bullpen may be in his future.
Dave Bush (31) - FAR too homerun prone, even if he was healthy and effective.
Bruce Chen (34) - Another ridiculously homer-prone pitcher who's delusional enough to think he can earn a 3-year deal. Posted over 150IP once, 140 three times. Coming off of a career year (140IP, 4.17 ERA, 4.54 FIP, 5.01 xFIP) and could be worth a look because LHP, but not for 3 years.
Kevin Correia (30) - Type B, offered arb - Not a miserable option. Decent peripherals, Petco-deflated ERA, but a reasonable xFIP to work with (mid-4s). Low 90s junkballer. Probably wouldn't be expensive.
Doug Davis (35) - No. He may be LHP and such, but there's doubt he'll even pitch in 2011.
Jorge De La Rosa (30) - Type A, offered arb - Yep
Justin Duchscherer (33) - This is an interesting case. Duch led the AL in ERA for most of 2008 and then got hurt and didn't pitch for all of 2009 and most of 2010. Boston is interested, but they have no rotation room, and Duch wants to start.
Jeff Francis (29) - Yep
Freddy Garcia (35) - Could be an interesting option on a 1-year flyer. Bill James sees him as being decent for 27 starts.
Rich Harden (29) - Harden = Javy Vazquez in NY. Except somehow worse.
Aaron Harang (33) - Injury prone, declining flyball pitcher with a miserable HR9.
Cliff Lee (32) - Type A, offered arb - What if the Rockies offered him something stupid like 2 years, 24M per? Not that I'm advocating it, but what if?
Braden Looper (36) - Aaron Cook clone. Nobody signed him in 2010.
Pedro Martinez (39) - Probably nothing left in the tank. Didn't pitch in 2010.
Rodrigo Lopez (35) - "Effective" season in 2010 with Arizona. Doesn't project for much more.
Kevin Millwood (36) - Type B, not offered arb - Declining effectiveness since 2006. Could be good for 175+ innings.
Brian Moehler (39) - Precious little left in the tank.
Jamie Moyer (48) - He says he still wants to pitch. There's no way he'd come to Colorado.
Scott Olsen (27) - He's so young, it feels like there should be a good chance of reclamation. He relies on a changeup and slider to make up for his high-80s fastball. Sounds like someone Apodaca would be interested in working with.
Vicente Padilla (33) - Type B, not offered arb - If he wasn't such a big jerk I'd say look at him, but the word is he's a big jerk. Also he's like Circus ugly.
Carl Pavano (35) - Type A, offered arb - Picks v Potential.
Brad Penny (33) - Colorado has been looking at this guy forever. Could be clubhouse trouble, and is turrible injury risk. Then again, he looked pretty decent in like 6 starts with San Francisco.
Andy Pettitte (39) - Type A, not offered arb - Yeah he's retiring or going back to the Bronx.
Nate Robertson (33) - Add a lefthander to the list of "guys who don't really strike batters out and walk way too many"
Ian Snell (29) - Much as all that potential is sitting there, I think he's too big of a reclamation for Dac.
Jeff Suppan (36) - No. Just no. For the past 3 years, Suppan has pitched full seasons and provided as much or less value than a replacement player. No. No.
Hisanori Takahashi (36) - Not a groundballer in the slightest, but I love the rest of his peripherals. Other teams are interested in him though, so that probably means the Rockies won't be in on him.
Koji Uehara (36) Type B, not offered arb - Probably the most extreme flyballer on the list, but past that, all of his peripherals are absolutely disgustingly awesome. Fastball-Change pitcher. I want this guy in Purple Pinstripes, in some capacity.
Jarrod Washburn (36) - Another extreme flyballer that would need a serious outfield defense to make him worthwhile.
Brandon Webb (32) - We've talked about him. Probably wants more guaranteed money than Colorado would be willing to offer. I love the idea of him but again, Coors Field is not the best place to reestablish value.
Todd Wellemeyer (32) - Hasn't been worth a damn since 2008 and it wasn't that great of a damn.
Chris Young (32) - If you google "Injury Risk" and "Massive Ceiling" you find Chris Young's picture. Could be worth a look. Fantastic in 2007.