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Rockies nearing 10-year extension with Troy Tulowitzki

Keith Law of ESPN is reporting (Insiders Only) that SS Troy Tulowitzki is close to signing a 10-year extension with the Colorado Rockies. This deal would supercede his current deal with runs through 2014.

Details have not yet been released regarding terms of the deal, but it's almost assuredly going to trump Todd Helton's 9-year, $141.5M contract signed during the 2002-2003 offseason.

Tulowitzki's career has been an exciting one to watch for Rockies fans thus far, with him really breaking out and showing Major League Baseball his true talents over the past 2 seasons.

Tulowitzki really made the headlines in 2010 by posting a near-historical September, batting .303/.366/.754 line (1.120 OPS, .468 wOBA, 190 wRC+) with 15 HR and 40 RBI.

I'm still somewhat stunned for words. As I get more details I'll get more up here.

Kudos to the various Rowbots who found this news, including MattBerger and Muzia.

Various reports are rolling in. I choose to believe Jon Heyman, as he is suggesting that the total value of the deal is around $160M.

UPDATE:  Tracy Ringolsby has tweeted the following details of Tuilowitzki's reported extension:

Tulo guaranteed $157.75 mil 10 yrs -- $23.75 mil for 3 yrs previously guaratneed, $15 mil for 2014 option and $119 mill for 6 new yrs.