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Rockies not Finished, Still Looking at Cantu, Kouzmanoff, Jose Lopez, Dave Bush

Troy Renck of the Denver Post brings us some late-afternoon news.

First, Tulo was pleased to rid himself of the mullet, citing it to be "Pretty Ugly".

Second, the Rockies are thinking about reworking Ubaldo Jimenez's deal after the 2011 season. Personally, that scares me. While Ubaldo has ace stuff, there's reasons for worry when extending ANY pitcher for any length of time. Granted, Ubaldo hasn't had any injury concerns to seriously worry about, I'm just incredibly paranoid when it comes to long pitcher contracts. At least the Rockies are waiting a bit (we think) to tinker with Ubaldo's contract.

Third, the Rockies have Jorge Cantu, Jose Lopez, and Kevin Kouzmanoff on their list. All of these players have spent some time at 3B. Kouz has been known as a good gloveman at the hot corner, and while Jose Lopez has played 2B most of his career, he responded well to 3B in 2010 with Seattle. Jorge Cantu is the remaining question mark, at least defensively, but he has spend reasonable amounts of time at 1B and 3B over his career, and would present at least a passable backup, possibly. Both Cantu and Kouzmanoff both had similar seasons at the plate, both in the 85+ wRC+ range (suggesting that both were at least 85% of a league average bat), while Jose Lopez was roughly at Clint Barmes levels at the plate. All 3 are 1 year removed from a roughly average season at the plate, with Cantu having the highest upside of the 3, which is easily mitigated by rough defensive play. As far as platoon splits go, Kouzmanoff has had the best career v lefties (112 wRC+ as compared to Cantu's 103 and Lopez' 94) which could make the Rockies a stronger pursuer of Kouz, as he'd likely be seeing a decent amount of platoon playing time.

Fourth, Dave Bush is on the Rockies' radar. I don't see MUCH logic here, as an inning-eater for the sake of just innings is somewhat specious reasoning for a FA signing. Bush has a career 4.66 ERA (4.64 FIP, 4.47 xFIP) , but his past 2 seasons haven't shown a sub-4.5 ERA, sub-5 FIP, or sub 4.75 xFIP. Bush is really a upper-80s throwing junkballer, and nothing entirely special that the Rockies should really be considering him for much more than depth. That said, the other reason that Renck is suggesting Dave Mush as a Rockies is that Jason Hammel will need a push from another starter competing for a job. Renck also suggests that the Rockies COULD look at Kevin Correia, but there's nothing solid there.

In other news, the San Francisco Giants seem interested in Tampa's Jason Bartlett. Tampa is looking for pitching, and if there's one thing San Francisco has, it's relievers. If Bartlett doesn't seem available, they could also target Boston's Marco Scutaro (ah, the perils of buying high), or target free agents Orlando Cabrera or Miguel Tejada. (Does anyone else feel like Cabrera or Tejada would be a total relapse from Brian Sabean into his old habits of paying for old players?)