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Thursday Rockpile: Wigginton deal becomes official

This post will be kept very short at first as I'm sort of in transit in the Chicago area, but I'll try to update later with more once I find a decent wifi connection where I can set up shop. As for now, though, the only news that's come out since Wolf Marauder gave the updates to the minor league coaching staff changes last night has been that the Rockies made their two year, $8 million contract with Ty Wigginton official.

The deal includes an optional third year (and a buyout for said option) and seems to imply that the Rockies are counting on Wigginton providing just under three wins of value over replacement during the contract. I say "seems to..," because the widespread inflation of contracts this winter could actually indicate that the team's paying for just under two wins of value if free agent prices remain at these levels over the next couple of years. 

The Rockies were one of several teams interested in reliever Matt Guerrier, who wound up signing with the Dodgers for two years on what I'm guessing is another backloaded/deferred contract. The list of available relievers who the team has expressed interest in continues to thin, but thankfully so does the competition. Among those set-up men still available are right hander Jesse Crain, and left handers Pedro FelicianoJoe Beimel and Brian Fuentes

In more somber news, Hall of Famer Bob Feller passed on last night at the age of 92. I figured I'd just collect and pass on a few links regarding this remarkable man.

The Legend of Bob Feller began on an Iowa farm: Bill Livingston || Bill Livingston, The Plain Dealer

Bob Feller Dies || John Sickels, Minor League Ball

'I Wanted to Join the Fight Against Hitler' || Bob Feller in an interview with Alan Schwartz; New York Times