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Rockies Free Agent Targets Dropping Like Flies

For as much as the Rockies' 2011 squad looks more or less set, the targets they have in filling in the remaining gaps are quickly being scooped up by other teams around the majors.

Matt Guerrier signed a 3-year, $12M contract with the Dodgers.

Jesse Crain signed for 3 years with Chicago, good for $13M.

Bobby Jenks has signed with Boston for 2 years, $12M

Pedro Feliciano, while not officially linked to Colorado, would be a good fit for Colorado, but would also apparently be a good fit for the Yankees, as both sides have been said to be making progress.

Joe Beimel has many offers, but apparently none of them are from Colorado.

Brian Fuentes is available, but is apparently looking for a 3-year deal, similar to what Scott Downs received.

The remaining bullpen options we've seen Colorado explicitly linked to are Hideki Okajima, Jon Rauch, Chad Qualls, Mike MacDougal, and possibly a couple more. Fact is, Colorado isn't going to go after a top-of-the-line relief pitcher, as A. they don't want to offer 3 years (Thank you, Angels, for setting the bar with the Downs deal) and really, there's no reason to fight over one of the top names available when there's a good chance that a lesser name could produce very similarly.

Okajima has gotten wilder and seen his strikeout numbers decline, but not so catastrophically that there's no room for reclamation. Maybe if he looked at the plate while pitching...

Chad Qualls seemingly lost a lot of edge with his strikeout numbers and showed himself to be inordinately hittable in 2010.Get him out of that Arizona bullpen and he might get some of his confidence back. That's assuming that's what's wrong with him.

Mike MacDougal might be where this list bottoms out, being hittable, wild, and not having the punchout numbers to back up his WHIP. My reaction is stay away, but Apodaca has been known to work miracles.

Jon Rauch would actually be an excellent candidate, having posted a 3+ K/BB in 2010, a good ERA, good HR prevention - there's an awful lot to like about Rauch.

Truth be told, there are a lot of pitchers left on the market, and plenty of time for Colorado to pull another Matt Herges out of the coals. We just have to wait and smell what the Rockies are cookin'.