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Thursday Rockpile: New old ownership in Tulsa, Rockies still interested in Aceves

I want to write more about the Rockies today, but with the hour already getting late for posting this, Rox Girl's deep thoughts are going to have to wait for a TFOH post later. I know you guys are seriously heartbroken. Instead it's dead season linkorama with more murmurs about minor leagues, dispatches from foreign lands (the Carolinas) and another link in Spanish:

With the starting pitching market otherwise drying up, interest in Jeff Francis seems to be gaining traction around the league.

The Rockies AA Tulsa affiliate has undergone a shift in its ownership group, with minority owner Went Hubbard and his sons purchasing majority owner Chuck Lamson's stake. Hubbard previously held control of the team before selling a majority stake to Lamson prior to the 2006 season. Lamson had long held front office positions with the Drillers and was very instrumental in getting ONEOK Field built in downtown Tulsa.

In a reiteration of a report from Joel Sherman that came out earlier this month, a source seemingly from Alfredo Aceves' agency mentions that the Rockies are interested in the former Yankees pitcher. Aceves' agent also represents Karim Garcia, and the linked report in Spanish (which is about the agent trying to drum up interest in both players to the Rays) says both players are still on the Rockies radar.

The Durham News and Observer has a photo of both Russell Wilson and Kyle Parker greeting each other after the N.C. State/Clemson game earlier this season, Rockies fans look forward to the final word from each on their future plans. I don't know why I linked this, other than it's slow and the caption to the photo mentioned the Rockies and the album for this was put up in the last 24 hours. I guess it's good that we have real evidence that Wilson and Parker aren't the same person now, though. That would have been awkward.

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