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Tuesday Off-Topic

Random Trivia:


  • The only word in the English dictionary that can be typed with strictly the bottom row on a keyboard is "ZZZ."
  • The highest scoring word known in Scrabble is "Benzoxycamphors," good for 1830 points.
  • Mercury has ice in its craters.
  • Astronauts can grow up to two inches taller after being in space due to weightlessness expanding cartilage in the spine.
  • 4.1% of Colorado households have a family income greater than $200,000.  That ranks 12th among US states and 2nd among continental US states west of the Mississippi.
  • What does a Rubik's Cube, ballpoint pen, carriage, lunar rover, matches, carburetor and holography have in common?  All are inventions that are credited to Hungarians.