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Saturday Rockpile: Russell Martin, Jeff Francoeur, Ty Wigginton on Rockies' Radar; Adrian Gonzalez traded to Boston Red Sox, More

Russell Martin Could Fit Rockies Need - Yardbarker
Tracy Ringolsby confirmed yesterday through that the Rockies have been in contact with the camps of Russell Martin, Ty Wigginton, and Jeff Francoeur. They would obviously look for Martin to be the backup catcher, but also would want him, as well as Wigginton, to spell Ian Stewart and Todd Helton at third and first, respectively. Francoeur wouldn't be quite as flexible, as he's only played in the outfield in his big league career, but could be given a shot at first base. Either way, I believe that Wigginton and/or Martin could be the answer to the Rockies' shortage of right-handed bats; Francoeur, probably not so much. It's nice to see that even after acquiring Jose Lopez from Seattle, the Rox front office doesn't see themselves as being done building their club for 2011 and beyond.

Did Rockies lock up game's best shortstop? - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN
The last line is just awesome - you know, the one where it says:

...among players who have played 75 percent of their games at shortstop, with a minimum of 50 career games, Tulowitzki’s .857 OPS ranks fourth in major league history.

Being that his OPS was dragged down by an injury-riddled 2008, you have to think that number will only go up in the coming years.

Jose Lopez to Colorado | FanGraphs Baseball
FanGraphs' Jack Moore seems to see the trade as a win for both teams. I am, of course, skeptical of having Lopez on the roster, but only because of the additional "options" it gives our manager.

De La Rosa rejects suitors for city, fans - The Denver Post
Apparently Jorge De La Rosa became the first free-agent pitcher to give the Rockies a hometown discount, according to Troy Renck. Awesome?

Boston Red Sox have deal for Adrian Gonzalez of San Diego Padres, sources say - ESPN Boston
Given the familiarity that these two front offices have with each other, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this deal reeks of collusion. At any rate, I'm sort of glad to have A-Gon out of our division.