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MLB Winter Meetings: Rockies meeting with Ty Wigginton's Agent

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Colorado Rockies are meeting with Ty Wigginton's agent today down in Florida during the first day of the MLB Winter Meetings. The Rockies have been in pursuit of Wigginton for a couple of seasons now, looking for a right-handed bat to come off of the bench and be able to spell 1B and 3B, and perhaps even the corner outfield slots.

While teeming with young infielders, Colorado seems to prefer the idea of having a veteran bat coming in to spell/platoon with Helton and Stewart. Wigginton has been approached by several teams, including the Baltimore Orioles who he spent the 2010 season with. There doesn't seem to be a specific starting role for Wigginton out there, and most teams are looking at Wigginton as a backup corners option.

Over the past 4 years, Wigginton has posted a combined .269/.326/.446 line, good for a .772 OPS while taking reps at 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, and RF - and not particularly effective at any of them. The defensive metrics are pretty low on Wigginton in general, if that's to say anything. Offensively, Wigginton adds a good power bat, capable of clubbing double-digit homer totals, but the offensive totals seem to be on the downslope. In 2010, Wigginton only managed a SLG-heavy .727 OPS but hit 22 home runs, and that power bat coming off of the bench is something that intrigues the Rockies.

I personally question the potential of adding Wigginton. He'd be effectively taking the role of Melvin Mora, as the backup 1B/3B, and I expect we'd see somewhat similar defensive play. The major difference seems to be in the types of hitters Mora and Wigginton are. Mora was almost a breath of fresh air at times, showing the ability to hit for a BABIP-inflated average while keeping the strikeout totals somewhat low. Little power left in Mora, but his batting skills are still there. Wigginton is much younger than Mora, and will be 33 on opening day. Wigginton seems to be more in the vein of a low-average-high-power hitter, but lacks the strong on-base skills to cast himself as a SABR darling. The point is simply that Wigginton seems to be a right-handed version of players the Rockies already have, such as Ian Stewart and Chris Iannetta.

As it stands as of this writing, there haven't been any updates, but we'll have things coming along as soon as we find them.