Insight into Mr. Wigginton

When a new player joins your organization, sometimes it pays to know some nuances of that player going in. Ty Wigginton has spent the last two years in Baltimore and was a role player in Houston, so he isn't someone many Rockies' fans would know much about. So - I asked Stacey Long of Camden Chat about Wigginton. Stacey's response:

I don't have anything substantive to offer you regarding Wiggy in the outfield. I honestly couldn't ever remember him playing there as an Oriole, and when I looked it up on I saw that in his two years with the O's he played 2 games totaling six innings in left field. I will say that he is not a good defensive player. Given that the deal was just made official I haven't heard where the Rockies intend on playing him, but he's the least brutal at 1B (unsurprisingly). He's very hard to watch at 2B (although he says it's his favorite position to play) and he's serviceable at 3B, but still makes his share of gaffes.

By all accounts Wiggy is a fantastic clubhouse guy. He was a personal favorite of Buck Showalter's and I thought he'd be brought back at least for bench role because of it, but I don't think the O's would have been willing to offer him what the Rockies did. The players all seemed to like him a lot as well, and when there were rumblings he might be traded at the deadline a couple players (I specifically remember Nick Markakis) volunteered to the press that they really didn't want him to go. I've never heard of him taking any kind of leadership role in the clubhouse, but he plays his butt off day-in and day-out which earned him a ton of respect.

Wiggy is a versatile player and he has come to terms with not usually having a set role. While he was with the Orioles he played 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, DH, and apparently six innings in LF. In his two years in Baltimore he started a game in every spot in the lineup other than leadoff, and we never heard a peep about him being unhappy. He's not the most talented ballplayer around but that's one refreshing thing about him, he does whatever is asked of him.

Wiggy is the kind of guy that you'll really like as a person, who you'd like to buy a beer and chicken wings at Hooters sometime (other former Orioles who also fit this bill: Kevin Millar, Aubrey Huff), but you'll probably be frustrated with him as a player. His bat isn't really good enough to make up for his defensive inadequacies. He hits into a ton of double plays, he's slow as molasses, and while he does have pop in his bat, it's not enough to compensate for an OBP that never topped .314 in Baltimore. But as I said he plays hard, and he gets fired up. One of my favorite plays from last year was when Nelson Cruz got thrown out from the outfield trying to get to third base. Cruz thought he was safe and immediately jumped up and started yelling, while Wiggy got up into his face and you could read his lips saying, "You were out, go back to the dugout. Get out of here." And kind of nudging the livid Cruz towards the dugout, almost starting a fight between the teams. That's the kind of thing you'll enjoy from him.

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