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Rowbot Radio - Episode 1

Rowbot Radio Large
Rowbot Radio Large

Here we are at last: the first edition of Rowbot Radio. On this issue, Andrew and I discuss minor league contracts, potential free agent options, as well as the way the Colorado Rockies bench is shaping up before we get into Spring Training. Keep in mind that this segment was recorded on Saturday, and took place before the Melvin Mora signing was official, as well as before Orlando Cabrera was Cincinnati bound.

For the time being, the podcast will only be available as a direct download from the site manually, until we get a working RSS feed that an MP3 player can sync up to.

I'd like to thank Hollidayrain for the use of his music, oo_nrb for the excellent Rowbot Radio logo, and of course the staff at Purple Row for expanding the blog into the audio sphere.

Next time, Andrew and I will answer some audience questions from all you Rowbots out there. You may leave questions here in this post in the comments section, or e-mail them to me by next Saturday.

The link to the file is below. Please leave any comments and questions you have have in the comments section, and we'll address them as we can. Enjoy!

Rowbot Radio - Episode 1 (2/1/10)