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Monday Rockpile: Bending the arc of baseball toward the Rockies

Welcome to the first day of February. While you listen and react to the first episode of Rowbot Radio, here are some links to read and discuss as well.

Renck: This year the year the Rockies show fans they aren't a fluke - The Denver Post
It's become a truism outside of Colorado that the Rockies can only make the playoffs as a Cinderella story or with, as Troy Renck puts it in his latest piece, "a half-court shot." But after 2010, baseball's going to need to forget about such simple answers for the Rockies:

"When people think of the Rockies, I want them to think of a winning organization," shortstop Troy Tulowitzki said the other day.

That's why this year is so important. If the Rockies reach the playoffs this fall — and I believe they will, winning 89 games — they become unmistakably relevant. Two Disney playoff runs in three seasons, perhaps, can be dismissed. Three postseason berths in four years cannot, regardless of the path.

As prettyinpurple remarked, "This is R year!"

Official farewell for O's Mora -

"They are going to have a great team, and I know it is hard in the division, but they just have to do all the routine plays. I think they are going to be close," Mora said. "When the Orioles are good, I will feel good. But this is my decision. It is time to move on and to go somewhere else and explore out there.

"And we chose Colorado and a tremendous organization."

Twitter / Ken Rosenthal: #Marlins have made offer to K. Gregg
The Marlins play at Coors Field in April, in case Gregg signs and you're hoping to see him complete another epic failure.

Pirates Trade Star Outfielder for "Exciting Batch of Little Leaguers"
Via Baseball Musings, the Pirates traded Andrew McCutchen to a little league team for some prospects. Baseball America Draft Blog " Harper Debuts At CSN
Bryce Harper, expected first overall pick in this year's draft, made his debut for the College of Southern Nevada over the weekend. He did baseball things.