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Rowbot Radio - Episode 3

<em>Rowbot Radio</em>
Rowbot Radio

Welcome to Episode 3 of Rowbot Radio!

On this edition, Andrew and I discuss the Non Roster Invitees for 2010, the state of our starting lineup, and more.

Some notes:

- Due to a long running time, I cut out the submitted questions this week. I apologize for that, and we'll make sure to get some in on next week's show.

- I have exported this version at the lowest possible quality where we still sound like regular human beings not in need of an exorcism. As a result, the file size for our longest podcast so far is the smallest, at 17.4 MB. See the attached poll for letting me know which setup you prefer: smaller file or better quality.

- Russ has informed me that it looks like the SBNation interface doesn't allow us to build our own RSS feeds for things like Rowbot Radio. I will therefore look into other options in that regard, but there are no promises there, especially if the services aren't free, or require me to upload the file elsewhere (which seems likely).

Rowbot Radio - Episode 3