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Saturday Rockpile: Rockies focus on avoiding another letdown

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Rockies playoff pursuit in the details - The Denver Post
Troy E. Renck tries his hardest to separate 2010 from 2008. Now, the team needs to go out and do the same thing. It would be really nice to see the Rox get off to a good start, for once. (Okay I take that back - they led the division in late-April/early-May in 2006).

Rockies like the way infield sizes up | News
The Rockies have a lot of confidence in an infield unit that heads into 2010 arguably in the top 2 in the National League and top 5 in all of baseball. And, as the headline suggests, they're probably the largest collective group of infielders in the game. Huge, huge dudes.

All eyes are on Jeff Francis - The Denver Post
The Post has more on Jeff Francis, who has been the hottest of topics this spring. Francis finally threw without being guarded by an L-screen, and did so with mixed results. Control and velocity were good, according to various members of the team, but Francis says his delivery was inconsistent, often over-striding. He's got time to work out the kinks, I suppose.

Rockies pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez gets $500 for Topps baseball card | All Things Rockies
Apparently, every other player in the league receives the same amount as part of Topps' agreement with the Players Association. I never knew any of this, even when I was quite the baseball card connoisseur in my younger days.

Tracy tells Rockies they're good enough to win -
Jack Etkin wrote a similar piece to the one at the top of the Rockpile for the AP. Look, we're all afraid of the possibility that the Rockies will repeat recent history by blowing it this year. However, conventional wisdom says that has a far less chance of happening this year than it did two years ago. Regardless, a strong (or at least, decent) start to the season will certainly do the club favors. So, how do you think the first month will play out? Weigh in on the poll below...

Hardball in the Rockies: Former top pick Reynolds unpolished, but healthy
I gather from this piece that Greg Reynolds' fastball has been live, but he's been unable to control it.

Dodger Matt Kemp talks about Rihanna - MLB News - FOX Sports on MSN
Matt Kemp is dating Rihanna. Add that to the list of things I did not know until this morning. Hopefully, as he says at the bottom of the interview, he "keeps trying to hit home runs" and finds himself in a season-long slump as a result.