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Friday Rockpile: Requisite Spring Training articles start to make the rounds

Helton's preparation is the stuff of legend - The Denver Post
It's that time of the year again when we're going to hear about players' work ethics, how everyone is in the best shape of their careers and that they're very loose. We start with Todd Helton and his work ethic.

Rockies' Daley relishes underdog role | News
And here's the underdog story for Spring Training. I hope to meet more of Matt's fans when they're at Citi Field to watch him pitch come August.

Olivo improves along with his English | News
"Improving his English to help his children with their homework has helped Miguel Olivo better read scouting reports and prepare for opposition."

Smith patiently seeks more action | News
"Seth Smith would love to see more playing time this season, but he understands that may be a challenge given the depth of the Rockies' outfield."

Baseball Prospectus | Squawking Baseball: The Best and Worst GMs of the '90s
For subscribers only, based on payroll efficiency, Bob Gebhard was in the bottom ten for the worst GMs of the '90s. The Rockies check in at #26 on the overall list College Baseball's Best Of The Decade
Huston Street was the overwhelming choice for college reliever of the decade. He also received votes for college pitcher of the decade. No college player drafted by the Rockies appeared.

Source: Nats close to deal with infielder Kennedy - MLB News - FOX Sports on MSN
Twitter / William Ladson: I just received word that ...

The Nationals, losers in the Orlando Hudson sweepstakes, settled for Adam Kennedy. There's something to be said about signings him, I just don't know what it is.

OK, Kennedy did all right with Oakland in 2009 (1.7 WAR), but Ian Desmond is nipping at both Kennedy's and Cristian Guzman's heels.