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Rowbot Radio - Episode 2

<em>Rowbot Radio</em>
Rowbot Radio

Welcome to Episode 2 of Rowbot Radio!

On this edition, Andrew and I discuss the state of the starting rotation going into Spring Training, including the condition of Jeff Francis, our stacked minor league options, and what we expect from our pitchers in 2010.

A couple of production notes:

- I have changed the audio setup to dual channel stereo, as opposed to separate channel stereo. You should hear both of us in one ear phone now. Initial unfamiliarity with editing this process accidentally made me mix the audio a little bit too hot ("too loud"), so there a couple crackles of peaking audio levels that I simply didn't have time to fix tonight. That should sound better next time.

- While I have not yet optimized it, I have gotten the file size to decrease about a third in file size, despite being five minutes longer. This one comes in just South of 23 MB (as opposed to last week's 31+). I will continue to see if I can get it further down. It should be possible, I just have to find out how best to do it without losing quality.

- I have not yet had the opportunity to check up on creating an RSS feed for auto-downloading. For now, you'll have to continue to download manually, but I'll continue to post it early in the morning so it'll be up for you to download before you have to go to work/school/vacation/party/spirit voyage.

- Please don't forget to send in questions or comments for Andrew and I to address, whether via e-mail or on the comments section of this thread.

Rowbot Radio - Episode 2 (2/8/10)