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Purple Row's 2010 Rotation

Just like the Rockies and every other baseball team, Purple Row has its own rotation. Since we have new members all the time, this seems like a good time to go over what content this site puts out during the season.


  Pebble Report Rockpile Weeklies Game Thread Game Wrap
Monday RG Andrew ATF/Russ Russ Russ
Tuesday RG ATF Bryan Bryan
Wednesday Russ Jeff Andrew Russ Russ
Thursday ATF RG Jeff RG RG
Friday Jeff Russ Russ RG RG
Saturday Russ Bryan ? Russ Jeff
Sunday Bryan RG Silver ATF ATF

No matter what's going on, there will always be a daily Rockpile. Andrew/RMN, as you noticed today, has taken over the Monday Rockpile (explanation later). We'll also give you the latest performances in a daily Pebble Report.

We also have our weekly features. On Mondays we'll have ATF's NL West Report. I will take over his other project from last year: Know Your Foe. Just to get into it, I will have KYF appear several times throughout Spring Training. During the regular season, KYF will appear the day before the series or the day of it. Andrew/RMN, who picked up a Rockpile so I could take KYF, will have his Counting Rocks on Wednesday as usual. Jeff/Jabbs will keep Purple Row Academy on Thursday. We don't have a weekly column on Saturday yet, but we'll see. Silverblood will have Rockies Review on Sunday nights.

Rowbot Radio will appear every Monday morning.

We have a game thread for all 162 games plus every playoff game, up to and including the one in which the guys win the World Series. After the game is over, we'll wrap it up in a separate thread. This applies to Spring Training for both game threads and game wraps. If you're new and haven't taken part in game threads or seen how a game wrap works, you can click on the links found at the top of the left sidebar to those sections.

Here's to an amazing 2010 season for Purple Row!