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Friday Rockpile: Todd Helton is Mr. Rockie; Would you want an owner's money or the #1 draft pick?

Inside the Colorado Rockies >> Home is where Helton is
A recap of yesterday's top news.

Helton contract a done deal - The Denver Post

"The biggest thing is finishing my career here, not having to go out and play two years somewhere else," Helton said. "I know what we have here, and it's a good thing. There was no reason to mess with that." We salute and thank you, Mr. Rockie.


Hawpe hitting his stride in spring debut - The Denver Post
If there's one nugget of information to take out of this article, it's that Aaron Cook needed sunscreen during yesterday's ordeal. Also, injury updates on Betancourt and Street.

The Top 50 National League Prospects | FanGraphs Baseball
Christian Friedrich ranks #7 in the top 10; Tyler Matzek comes in at 14 in the "Just Missed the Top 10"; and Jhoulys Chacin is in the "Middle of the Pack."

GM Hoyer: "There's no question it's not a power laden line up but I think we can get on base and run well and score enough runs." - Gaslamp Ball
Find out about the Padres straight from the GM's mouth.

Brian Giles, Hall of Fame Class of 2016? - The Hardball Times
"A closer look at an overlooked great player."

How Unfair Is The Unbalanced Schedule? - Beyond the Box Score
It probably isn't. Teams would suck just as bad as they do now if there was a balanced schedule.

The Personal Side of Baseball - McCovey Chronicles
"A look at the human side of baseball." Grant offers some thoughts on following baseball players throughout their careers after Garrett Broshius decided to hang things up.

What's More Valuable: Owner's Money, Or A Money Player? - SB Nation
If you aren't a regular visitor to, you're missing out on quality content like article in the above link. It's a simple question: a great owner who's willing to spend money or the #1 overall draft pick? Andrew Sharp, the author, says that in baseball you take the owner:

It's self-evident: in baseball, having a billionaire owner is worth more than a hundred top draft picks, because at the end of the day, that owner can simply buy those draft picks, or let them mature in someone else's farm system, and then buy them. In baseball, life is unfair.

Do you agree? Even if the owner and the talent evaluators find more misses than hits with their money, eventually they'll hit on the winning combination--even if it takes nine years to win a championship (i.e., the Yankees in 2009).