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Saturday Rockpile: Rockies to honor Bichette, Helton debuts tomorrow, more

Rockies to honor Bichette on April 26 | All Things Rockies
I fully agree with Renck's last line in the article. It is about time the Rockies begin celebrating their past achievements. Tradition has to start somewhere, right? Anyway,'s Doug Miller reported this on the Rockies' official website, as well. For more on Dante Bichette, check out this Rockies Retro piece from last year.

Rockies strategy shift: Pitch to contact - The Denver Post
Jim Armstong profiles the Rockies' decision to focus on pitching to contact over the past couple of years. Other than a couple of blips in the radar (mostly the 2008 season), can you really argue its effectiveness at this point? Bob Apodaca has worked wonders with a pitching staff that allowed the fourth-fewest walks in the NL in 2009 (and the third-fewest in '07).

Giambi a 'very special piece' of Rockies | News
The aforementioned Doug Miller chimes in with a profile on Jason Giambi's meaning to the Colorado Rockies.

Corpas battered again; Street makes progress - The Denver Post
In his wrap for yesterday's game, Troy E. Renck mentions that Huston Street should be ready to go by the middle-to-end of next week. Also, he says that Todd Helton will return to action tomorrow in Mexico. Jim Tracy plans on alternating Helton and Jason Giambi for the remainder of Spring Training, as each guy will play every other day.

A couple of Insider articles from is a fantasy-related piece on Dexter Fowler and Seth Smith. The other is a TMI (The Max Info) blurb on Carlos Gonzalez . Check out those RISP numbers from CarGo last year...they were ugly. I knew he had issues but I didn't know that he hit only .185 while chasing 35.2% of pitches out of the zone - and 47.4% that were below the zone. As the article mentions, if he can improve on his hitting with runners in scoring position to even a league average mark, he'll be a very dangerous guy. For now, though, he HAS to stop chasing bad pitches with runners on base.