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Spring Training Games #13 and #14: Greg Smith vs. Rodrigo Lopez, Ubaldo Jimenez vs. Felix Hernandez

It is split squad Sunday once again for the Rockies, with one squad playing at home at Hi Corbett Field and another crossing the border to Hermosillo, Mexico to face the Diamondbacks.

Daylight Savings Time was observed last night, but not in Arizona (despite what my computer and cell phone think).  So both games will occur a 1:05 PM local time, while you will have to wait an extra hour (well, not technically) for the games to start at 2:05 MT.  

Todd Helton will be dusting off his passport and debuting in the Mexico game, while I'll be interested to see how Greg Smith, who could be quietly very important to the team in 2010, continues to perform.  At the game I'll be attending, Ubaldo Jimenez will take on a full squad Mariners team including King Felix, a match-up of arguably the two best young Latin pitchers in the game.

I won't be available to post the line-ups, as I'll be trying to chase down another BP ball,