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Tuesday Rockpile: Ubaldo Jimenez dispenses fastballs like he would have medicine (fast and furious)

Rockies could feast with table setters CarGo and Dex - The Denver Post
Will the Rockies have the same 1-2 hitters in 2011 as they will this year. With CarGo and Dex, it's almost 100% a certainty.

Rockies' bullpen shaping up - The Denver Post
This article has updates on Huston Street, Rafael Betancourt, and Manny Corpas, all making steps forward yesterday. Also mentioned is that Christian Friedrich, WIlin Rosario, and Chris Frey were sent to minor-league camp.

Jimenez gave up medicine to dispense pills - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
Dr. Jimenez teaches the National League to sit down and rest, because he's gonna put you there with his fastball. H/T to Hollidayrain for the FanShot on this.

Baseball America Prospects Blog | Out Of Options, But Out Of Luck?
Matt Eddy looks at the different development paths high school draftees, college picks, and international signees should take to the majors. The Rockies' Carlos Gonzalez serves as the international player.

Dear Baseball: Stop Trading Players, You're Confusing Topps - SB Nation
Here are two reasons why Photoshop shouldn't be used on baseball cards.

Top Sox Prospect Ryan Westmoreland Scheduled For Brain Surgery - SB Nation
All the best to Ryan Westmoreland.

One-for-One Swaps at the Same Position | FanGraphs Baseball
After all that talk about the Howard-for-Pujols deal, Joe Pawlikowski looks at other one-for-one, same position trades. Lasorda Brings Baseball Prospective To Bull Riding
"Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda has found a new hobby in bringing his baseball prospective to bull riding."