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Update: Huston Street to open the season on the DL

Troy Renck of the Denver post is reporting on the All Things Rockies blog that Closer Huston Street is experiencing the same shoulder tightness that shut him down earlier in the spring. The Rockies are preparing to start the season without him.

This is just another setback in the Rockies' bullpen, as setup man Rafael Betancourt has been fighting to get himself back to pitching shape after an offseason plagued with sickness, former closer Manuel Corpas has been challenged by fitness issues and lack of pitch command, and Franklin Morales has been hit around pretty hard this spring.

Street expressed pretty strong frustration, saying that "It would be the first time in six years I would not be ready to go [on Opening Day]." It seems like this new shoulder tightness really caught him off guard as well.

While we on the Row may not see Morales' spring as a positive thing, Renck feels that Franklin is "really starting to find his groove again". Morales filled in for Street, and I know that if Morales isn't in the mix for starting anymore, it's Closing or Bust! Morales was effective closing for Street in 2009. Heartstopping at times, but overall effective. Opponents posted a mere .580 OPS on Morales in the 9th inning, and Morales complemented that with a 2.60 K/BB.